Hi New York City

PUBLISHED ON 10/3/2018 @ USA 2018

Hooray New York!

This is where I, together with my family, am going to spend several months this year as part of my parental leave. Whilst my wife Lê needs to focus on her PhD, I have joined her as a stay-at-home dad and caregiver for our baby daughter Luna. Not such a terrible situation ;).

For those who don’t know, parental leave is one of the great advantages of Germany’s social system. During baby’s first year, parents can take a break from their jobs to care for their kid and spend time with the new member of the family. The good thing about Germany? The government partially compensates for the loss of wages.

Besides that, especially for daddies, parental leave is a tremendous opportunity to enjoy lots of quality time with their kids and strengthen the mutual bond. Well, here I am now and still nine month ahead.

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